We require a working key, sometimes your car – and an hour of your time

In the 1990s, car theft in the United States had reached an all-time high. These car thefts that were caused by a lack of adequate vehicle theft protection became such an issue to car owners, insurance companies and the police, that car manufacturers came up with a solution; electronic immobilizer systems that are unlocked by the high tech car keys that most motorists are familiar with and use today. While auto theft crime levels have gone down significantly, it is now much more difficult to duplicate car keys and have new car keys made. Car key replacement needs must now be carried out by experienced staff who know what they are doing and have the tools necessary to work with modern day car keys.

We have an extensive base key in stock at all times.  No matter what vehicle you drive, be it cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles we are here to assist you with all your car key cutting needs.

Due to programming restrictions Keys Plus are unable to duplicate some Makes/models of car. See instore for pricing and availability

We duplicate all of the following types of vehicle keys:

  • Basic Car Keys

If your car has been around since the 90’s then your vehicle works with a standard car key that doesn’t come with any added security features making it fairly simple to duplicate. Replacement car keys for basic car keys is inexpensive and can be done very quickly, compared to more modern vehicle keys.

  • Transponder Keys

You’ll know if you have a transponder key if your car key has a thick piece of plastic attached to the top of it. Inside the small piece of plastic, is a tiny transponder chip that has a responder which connects to your specific car’s transmitter. When the responder comes in close proximity to your car’s transmitter, the vehicle will unlock.

  • Switchblade Keys

These Keys are small and they pop out when you click a button, much like a switchblade pocket knife. These keys are sometimes laser-cut and sometimes cut standardly. They usually come with a key fob in the thick black casing. Switchblade keys cost less to repair than other keys when damaged but can cost a more than other keys to replace when lost.

Looking to have your car key duplicated?

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