Keys Plus is a family owned Australian business operating for the past 13 Years in Lake Haven Centre on the Central Coast.

We are brave with their ideas and honest in our approach and supply of quality products and services. Keys Plus has a clear sense of business identity and a dedication to making ourselves and our business the best we/it may be by embracing our strengths and developing our weaknesses.

The everyday inspiration for Keys Plus Lake Haven is being able to provide our local community with Service Quality & Value. Let me explain;

Service –When preparing our business plan in 2005 we thought if we could be a small business that provides service – not the franchised, procedural script – type service, but the type of service that sees each customer as an individual and their needs as specific or unique.

Quality – lets face it there’s so many giftware shops around that sell inferior quality giftware. At Keys Plus we decided very early on to provide reasonably priced (most items are around the $20 -$30) quality items.

For example with regards to our watch battery replacement service –

Our customers wouldn’t know that we only supply and fit the Japanese Seizaiken batteries as they are the best & last the longest, they also would be unaware that we test each battery before fitting to ensure its fully charged or that we place a sticker with the date inside each watch to cover their warranty.

Our customers will be told at the end of each replacement that they have one year’s warranty, and informed about the sticker what they won’t know is that most cases they will receive 2-3 years of life before a new replacement will be required.

Quality flows through our business from our selection of giftware to our key blanks obviously we could quite easily, provide inferior products and our Customers may not know the difference, but WE would. Quality is important to us.

Value – Its about Value for money, products that last. It’s all about what we would value as being valuable, if we were our own Customers and then delivering that service or product with a smile.

Our Objectives

Keys Plus looks to call its Customers “our friends.”

It has enabled the owners Kane & Nadine to empower their staff and support their neighbours, friends and local community.

Keys Plus operates to a business plan which is monitored periodically and reviewed twice a year. This includes professional and personal goals and objectives. These include;

  • To continue building a reputation for quality error free products and services
  • Maintain profitability & productivity
  • Support local sporting clubs and not for profit organisations to save money & therefore assist local sport.
  • Keep informed of new technology to better assist customer inquiries
  • Continue improving service approach for new and existing customers
  • To continually learn & adopt best practices in retailing therefore setting an example for other businesses to model & replicate themselves upon
  • Whether it be changing a watch battery or engraving a special gift, we see ourselves as being entrenched in the service sector with Service Quality and Value our saying as well as our responsibility.